RVN Amanda Reynolds has launched a survey to find out what RVNs and LVNs really think of the RCVS…

An RVN studying at the Royal Veterinary College is calling on colleagues to voice their opinions of the RCVS in a new survey.

Amber ReynoldsFor the final year of her VN BSc, Amber Reynolds has decided to poll LVNs and RVNs opinions of the Royal Collage.

Amber said: “Our profession has changed a lot in recent years and I am interested in finding out to what extent qualified VNs have been involved with these changes.”

She told Vetsonline: “The topic came from discussing the profession and its development, and articles in VN Times and Veterinary Times about apathy in the profession really brought it home.

“I’m looking to find out people’s attitudes to the RCVS and see if we can get a better understanding of the profession’s feelings for its regulator – I know this is similar to work the college has started doing itself now.”

Amber’s poll comes just as the regulator itself is trying to find out what the vet and VNs professions think of it. The RCVS’ online survey will run throughout December 2012.

Calling all RVNs - give your views nowMeanwhile, Amber’s survey consists of 20 questions that ask nurses what areas have most influenced their feelings about the college and whether they think the regulator makes “positive and progressive democratic decisions about VN issues”.   

She said: “I have come across nurses who may not fully understand what the college does and I’ve had various opinions come in from nurses about the RCVS, both positive and negative.

“I don’t particularly have an opinion on [ the college] myself as I am new to the profession, but I’m interested in it as a body and where it fits in with what the VN profession does. I would like to view it in a positive light.”

Amber hopes the survey will receive approximately 200 responses from nurses before it closes on January 31, 2013.

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