The BVA has announced a strong field of candidates for the 12 new regional representative roles on BVA council, with 26 members putting their names forward.

The BVA has announced a strong field of candidates for the 12 new regional representative roles on BVA council, with 26 members putting their names forward.

Following the decision to reform BVA council, the BVA asked members to stand as regional representatives in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the nine government office regions of England to directly represent BVA members in their region and ensure every UK BVA member had a direct route into council to influence policy discussions.

The nomination period ran from November 1 to December 15 and the BVA received 26 nominations across all 12 regions. They are:

North-east, Douglas Palmer.

North West, Gudrun Ravetz and Bridget Taylor.

Yorkshire and Humber, Brendan Clarke, Jane Downes and Caroline Kim.

East midlands, Daphne Chapleo and James Russell.

West midlands, Anne Gibbs and Erica Martin.

East, Julia Boness and Stephen Lister.

South-east, John Hawkridge, Joe Sprinz and Ed Varley.

South-west, David Chamberlain, Ed Gillams, Bob Moore, Heather Niman and Andrew Parker.

London, Stephen Barabas.

Scotland, Peter Austin and Kathleen Robertson.

Wales, Denis Callanan and Ifan Lloyd.

Northern Ireland, Andy Hillan.

Douglas Palmer (north-east), Stephen Barabas (London) and Andy Hillan (Northern Ireland) are all elected unopposed.

There will be a contest for the post of regional representative in the other nine regions. BVA members will receive details of how to vote by email and by post, and will be able to cast their vote by post or online using a secure PIN code. The election is being administered by the independent company Electoral Reform Services.

Voting opens on Monday, January 10 and will run for six weeks until Friday, February 18.

Every member will receive information on the candidates standing in their region including a manifesto from the candidate. Members will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates by emailing

Commenting, Harvey Locke, President of the BVA, said: “We are delighted with such a fantastic field of candidates for the regional representative roles. The regional representative job is vitally important to the successful future of the BVA. They will be the direct link between BVA members on the ground and BVA council.

“I’d like to thank all 26 candidates for putting themselves forward and for wanting to be a part of the BVA’s progress as the leading representative body for the veterinary profession in the UK.

“I’d also like to congratulate Douglas Palmer, Stephen Barabas and Andy Hillan for being elected unopposed in their regions and I very much look forward to working with them in the new Council. 

“It is incredibly easy to vote, either by post or online, and I would urge every member in the nine contested regions to support the BVA by choosing who they want to be their representative.

“Please take a look at the candidates’ manifestos on the BVA website and get involved by asking questions of your local candidates.”

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