Staff at the RSPCA’s Isle of Thanet branch welcomed an unexpected visitor after a beaver was found trapped under a car in Cliffsend, Kent.

Centre manager Clive Martin was called to collect the adult beaver after it was discovered under the vehicle by a member of the public.

The large rodent was transported to the animal centre in a dog create before an inspector subsequently took him on to Wildwood Trust for specialised care.

Mr Martin said: “It was quite a surprise to find a beaver, we don’t get any of them in to our centre.”

It is believed the beaver had strayed away from the nearby Ham Fen nature reserve near Sandwich where a colony of European beavers help to maintain and restore the rare fenland wildlife habitat.

Mr Martin added: “We think that in all the bad weather recently he got in to difficulties.
“He was fairly flat and listless when I picked him up. He is now being monitored at Wildwood and is making good progress.”
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