The Kennel Club has expressed concern that the RSPCA’s ‘Bred for Looks, Born to Suffer’ campaign focuses on breed standards rather than higher standards for all breeders.

The Kennel Club has expressed concern that the RSPCA’s ‘Bred for Looks, Born to Suffer’ campaign focuses entirely on breed standards, which already highlight the importance of health and good temperament, rather than on the need for higher standards for all dog breeders.

The Kennel Club believes improvements to breeding standards have a far greater part to play in a happier, healthier future for all dogs than further changes to the breed standards.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “While the Kennel Club shares the RSPCA’s belief that too many people are buying dogs without undertaking research and demanding certain breeding standards are met, we feel that their new advertising campaign is completely misdirected and fails to address the real issues affecting dogs.

“By focusing on the Kennel Club’s breed standards, which only apply to those purebred dogs which compete at dog shows, which amounts to a small percentage of all purebred dogs, they have ignored the far more critical area of how dogs are bred.

“With the exception of Kennel Club Assured Breeders, who sign up to standards that ensure that they put their dogs’ health and welfare first, the rest of the dog breeding market is effectively unregulated. There are sadly large numbers of dogs out there, both pedigrees and ‘designer’ crossbreeds, being bred entirely for looks by puppy farmers, often in terrible conditions.

“We believe that the RSPCA would have been far better to have invested in a more focused campaign to educate potential buyers to only buy from responsible breeders, such as Kennel Club Assured Breeders, who have their dogs health screened, socialise them and provide excellent after care and advice.”

The Kennel Club is urging people to sign its petition to introduce improved standards for the breeding of all dogs in the UK. To sign the Kennel Club’s petition visit and click the banner to support responsible breeders.

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