RCVS Knowledge – formerly known as the charitable trust arm of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) – has unveiled a new brand identity.

According to the organisation, the new identity reflects its sharpened focus to become the go-to knowledge portal for the veterinary community. The new logo, it said, represents the not-for-profit’s global focus on evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) and its mission to provide clear and accessible evidence to veterinary health care teams.

RCVS Knowledge’s executive director Nick Royle said: “The new logo reflects who we are as an organisation and how willing we are to engage the veterinary profession in open, collaborative conversations and projects that bring good-quality evidence to practices.

“EBVM is not just a buzz word – it’s essential to practitioners who want to help their clients by adopting the results of research more quickly but don’t have the time to go through the millions of published veterinary papers.”

Mr Royle – who was previously CEO of the Cochrane Collaboration, the evidence-based medicine resource for human health care – said the concept has been spoken about in both human and animal health for many years but needs global collaboration to make a significant improvement to daily practice.

Rita Jorge, head of research at RCVS Knowledge, meanwhile, said the organisation hopes to help vets in practice save time when looking for answers in research.

She said: “Busy veterinary practitioners cannot possibly stay on top of the 381 papers which are published on average each day in the veterinary sciences. The message we are receiving from vets and vet nurses is they need help to filter good quality information and have it presented in a way that can be quickly assimilated into practice.

“As well as the help of our Information Service, which can address individual queries, we’re counting on the EBVM Network through the use of Knowledge Groups to find ways to address this. We’re very encouraged that some groups (and individuals) have already started producing critically appraised topics, known as Knowledge Summaries.”

The EBVM Network is a global group of people interested in making a collective change to veterinary practice, aiming for high-quality veterinary practice to be informed by high-quality, evidence-based decisions.  

Dr Jorge said: “The EBVM Network now has over 400 members, based in 34 countries worldwide. That’s where the appropriate skills and knowledge are to make EBVM truly relevant to the practitioner. In this context, crowd sourced solutions can go a long way because no one group has all the answers or can address this huge gap by itself.”

The EBVM Network is going to meet and learn together for the first time this year in a conference, said Dr Jorge.

“I would encourage every practitioner, academic and educator to come and help shape a truly innovative endeavour aimed at improving standards of veterinary care,” she said.
To find out more about the EBVM Network please visit RCVS Knowledge’s website. Alternatively, visit EBVM 2014’s website for more information on the first EBVM conference.

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