RCVS president Jerry Davies has committed to prioritise the establishment of an Audit and Risk Committee to strengthen good governance, in response to recommendations of a report into overspends at the college.

The RCVS president has committed to prioritise the establishment of a new Audit and Risk Committee to strengthen good governance, following publication of the recommendations of a report into two overspends at the college.

The full overspend report was considered by Council at its meeting on November 3. Council agreed that the recommendations should be made public. The college is currently seeking further legal advice on whether it is proper for the report to be made available under the Freedom of Information Act.
RCVS president Dr Jerry DaviesIn the meantime, RCVS president Dr Jerry Davies said that recommendations of the report are “under consideration by a group of five past presidents” alongside report authors Richard Davis and Judith Webb (as lay members of council) under the chairmanship of vice-president Peter Jinman.

Resulting proposals, Dr Davies said, will be considered by RCVS Council in due course, although “the recommendation that an Audit and Risk Committee be set up will be prioritised, as this was highlighted as an imperative.

“Other related activities, such as the development of a protocol for the management of major projects, had already been put in place by officers prior to the overspend review.”
Of the two projects at the heart of discussions, The RCVS claims:

  • The building work at Belgravia House was completed some time ago and the new rooms and facilities are now being used instead of having to hire external meeting venues to cope with ‘overflow’ meetings.
  • The new data management system is in use and will continue to evolve. To ensure the system is optimised an external consultant is looking at work carried out so far, and will make recommendations for the future.

Dr Davies concluded: “Meanwhile, although there are many lessons to be learned from the report, it’s business as usual in terms of bringing to a conclusion many of our important ongoing initiatives, such as the introduction of the new Code of Professional Conduct, the consultations on the recommendations of the Specialisation Working Party and a draft Performance Protocol, and, of course, the ongoing work of the disciplinary and preliminary investigation committees.”


  • The recommendations of the report, which were adopted by RCVS Council, can be downloaded here.


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