Nick Stace has summarised 15 hours of council meetings into just a few minutes, discussing subjects such as the first-rate regulator initiative and changes to the Practice Standards Scheme.

The chief executive of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), Nick Stace, has released his first post-council video blog, where he discusses the findings from a two-day period of intensive Royal College activity.

Mr Stace's video covers 15 hours of Belgravia House meetings in just a few minutes.On June 5 and 6 (2013), four key meetings occurred at the college:

  • an RCVS Charitable Trust board meeting,
  • a meeting of RCVS council to discuss the first-rate regulator project,
  • the regular June council meeting, and
  • a session to consider the future evolution of the Practice Standards Scheme (PSS).

In the video, Mr Stace compresses the 15 hours of meetings into just a few minutes. Subjects covered include:

  • the agreement to freeze veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse retention fees for 2014 – the fourth consecutive year this has been done;
  • the trust’s decision to move towards a new name of ‘RCVS Knowledge’, as knowledge is core to its activities;
  • the recommendations from the first-rate regulator research, which fall under themes of identity, service and evolution; and,
  • council’s positive backing for the development of the PSS into a more modular, outcomes-focused scheme.

Mr Stace said: “I appreciate not everyone has time to wade through all of the papers and minutes that are available online, so, in the interests of transparency and openness, I hope this potted version will give you a snapshot of what’s been going on at Belgravia House.

“Let me know what you think, and, if the feedback is positive, we will do more.”

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