PDSA vets saved a dog with a near fatal stomach blockage after it ate three dummy teats and a glow stick.

Rosie Karen and Nigel
Rosie with PDSA Vet Nurse Karen Nicholson and vet Nigel Crane. Image: PDSA/Dave Charnley.

Owner Megan Marron, 22, took Rosie, an 11-month-old caverpoo (a cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle cross), to PDSA Pet Hospital Middlesbrough as she was showing some worrying symptoms.

Potentially fatal

Once at PDSA, x-rays revealed a potentially fatal blockage in the dog’s intestine and several other items in her stomach.

PDSA vet Nigel Crane said: “Dogs often use their mouth to investigate objects, and sometimes swallow things by mistake.

“Although objects sometimes pass through without harm, some get stuck in the dog’s stomach or intestines, which is extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening.”

Rosie was already very weak when she arrived at the hospital and vets were uncertain whether she would survive an emergency operation, but it was her only chance of survival.

Vets were shocked when they removed the items and realised what they were – the dummy teats had clearly been inside her for some time.

Quick recovery

Despite the trauma, Rosie made a remarkably quick recovery and was soon back to her normal self.

Dr Crane added: “PDSA vets have removed very bizarre items from pets over the years, including tent pegs, kitchen knives, radio aerials and plenty of toys.

“Signs your pet may have eaten something they shouldn’t include being sick, drooling excessively or having difficulty breathing.”

X-rays revealed a potentially fatal blockage in the dog’s intestine and several other items in Rosie’s stomach.
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