An animal charity has backed latest findings from The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals’ (PDSA) PAW report, which revealed UK dogs are poorly trained and socialised.

The PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report revealed the UK’s dogs could be becoming more aggressive thanks to a “cocktail of boredom, lack of training and socialisation and worryingly low levels of exercise”.

According to the PDSA, 1.5 million puppies are not properly socialised at a young age, 250,000 dogs are behaving aggressively towards people each week and more than 800,000 dogs are never allowed off the lead for a walk.

Animal charity Wood Green sees the consequences of these trends day-in-day-out and is urging owners to persevere with dog training, and to seek training and preventive help throughout their dog’s lifetime.

Linda Cantle, Wood Green’s head of animal welfare and rehoming, said: “We completely agree with the PDSA’s findings about dog behaviour and we are all too aware of the consequences of poor socialisation and training, which we then see in dogs coming into our centre in Cambridgeshire.

“We have seen many dogs that have missed out on their early socialisation and have just been left home alone and not walked in their first six months, which means they are easily frustrated and often can’t concentrate on training because they just want human company and attention.

“It also seems many people go to puppy training classes, but give those up as the dog gets older, which is actually the key time to keep this training going.

“We know we are a nation of animal lovers, but we also need to make some people realise that positive, proactive and continued training and exercise is really important for our dogs.”

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