The 2017 RCVS council and VN council election results have been announced, after a record proportion of veterinary professionals cast their votes.

Both the 2017 RCVS council and VN council elections had record turnouts. IMAGE: Fotolia/Anton Sokolov.

Despite the record turnout, an RCVS spokesman acknowledged only a “relatively small proportion of the profession” continued to participate in the annual election process.

Rise in votes

Of the 29,769 members eligible to vote in the 2017 RCVS council election, 6,785 votes were returned (22.8%), compared to 15.6% (4,403) last year.

Of the 14,411 members eligible to vote in the VN council election, 2,092 voted (14.5%) compared to 10.9% (1,435) last year.

The turnout for both elections was the highest, with the previous record for an RCVS council election being 18.8% turnout and the previous record for a VN council election being 12.8% turnout.

Full RCVS council results

From left: Caroline Allen, Sarah Brown, Danny Chambers, Cheryl Scudamore, Martin Peaty and Chris Tufnell.
From left: Caroline Allen, Sarah Brown, Danny Chambers, Cheryl Scudamore, Martin Peaty and Chris Tufnell.

For the six available places on RCVS council, five new members were elected and one existing member was elected for four-year terms.

The five new members are:

  • Caroline Allen (3,073 votes)
  • Sarah Brown (2,799)
  • Danny Chambers (2,634)
  • Cheryl Scudamore (2,087)
  • Martin Peaty (1,909)

RCVS president Chris Tufnell was re-elected with 2,430 votes.

Candidates not elected were:

  • Thomas Witte (1,833 votes)
  • David Leicester (1,756)
  • Matthew Plumtree (1,648)
  • Trevor Whitbread (1,594)
  • James Yeates (1,549)
  • Huw Stacey (1,449)
  • Kevin Watts (1,229)
  • Chris Gray (977)
  • Tom Lonsdale (496)
  • John Davies (428)

Full VN council results

Andrea Jeffery (left) and Susan Howarth.
Andrea Jeffery (left) and Susan Howarth.

For the two places available on VN council, one new member was elected and one existing member re-elected for four-year terms.

The two members are:

  • Andrea Jeffery (re-elected with 1,293 votes)
  • Susan Howarth (1,064)

Candidates not elected were:

  • Marie Rippingale (648 votes)
  • Miguel Borralho (288)
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Jill Macdonald
1 month 24 days ago

I think it’s fantastic that record voting numbers have been seen – it always frustrates me to see the low turnout numbers, but if it’s going in the right direction then I can’t complain! Congratulations successful candidates, and we look forward to seeing you work your magic on the profession (no pressure).


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