The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has removed 333 veterinary surgeons from the register for failure to pay annual renewal fees.

The final deadline for payment of the annual renewal fee passed on May 31 and the college has written to those who have not paid to inform them of their removal.

A list of the vets who have been removed – and who have not been subsequently restored – has been published on the RCVS website. The list, said the college, is published to alert those veterinary surgeons who have not responded to RCVS communications to check their registration status, as well as to remind employers to check the registration status of their employees. The registration status of any veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse can also be checked online.

If there are any vets whose name appears on the list who believe they have paid their fee should contact the RCVS’ finance department as soon as possible on 020 7202 0723.

As well as publishing the list, the RCVS has reminded veterinary surgeons and employers that, under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, it is illegal to allow anyone who is not on the register to practise veterinary surgery. They can also no longer use the postnominal “MRCVS” and any professional indemnity insurance the veterinary surgeon may have is also rendered invalid.

Further information about restoration to the register, and a restoration application form, can be found on the RCVS website or by contacting the registration department on or 020 7202 0707.

To be restored to the register, veterinary surgeons must pay a fee of at least £299, in addition to the outstanding annual renewal fee. The restoration fee increases each successive year a removed member remains off the register.

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