In light of responses received since the Royal College decided not to publish the full “Overspend Report”, RCVS president Jerry Davies has issued an apology to the profession.

In light of responses received regarding the RCVS’ recent decision to not publish the full “Overspend Report“, the Royal College has published a copy of a presentation made by president Jerry Davies to BVA Council on December 7.

RCVS president Dr Jerry DaviesThe college “thought it might be helpful to make [the presentation] more widely available” as it sees Dr Davies set out more background about the two RCVS projects under review, while explaining the decisions taken at the time and the finances involved.

He also described how Prof McKelvey’s recommendations were being actioned, alongside those of the college’s Governance Review Group which were already underway.

Dr Davies reiterated that the college had always intended to publish the report in full, but that external legal counsel had advised that to do so would be unlawful under the Data Protection Act.

It was not possible to redact the report to an acceptable extent, as the personal data in question were referred to throughout a large proportion of it.

Most importantly however, Dr Davies took the opportunity to make an apology to the profession, saying: “In closing, I would like to emphasise that I, as president of the RCVS, am sorry for what has happened, but I hope you will appreciate that steps are being taken, in particular the setting up of the Audit and Risk Committee, to strengthen governance within our college.”


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