A campaign is being launched to remind dog owners that canine travel sickness doesn’t need to be something they have to endure.

Many owners do not always know to visit their vet for a solution even though 62% of dogs experience travel sickness for the first time as puppies.

The initiative, by Zoetis, manufacturer of Cerenia, the only anti-emetic tablet licensed to use in the prevention of vomiting induced by motion sickness in dogs aged 16 weeks or older, aims to encourage owners to see their vet for help.

Stephanie Smith, marketing manager for Cerenia said: “Motion sickness can impact the whole family, making travelling an unpleasant experience.

“Our new campaign aims to raise awareness for the issue and encourage pet owners to seek veterinary help for the problem, so they can enjoy non-stop travel fun, without the sickness.

“While less than half of vets in the UK report seeing at least one canine motion sickness case each month, we know more than one third (34%) of dogs that travel experience motion sickness. That’s a lot of opportunity for vets to provide pets and owners with some relief.”

The majority of pet owners are still willing to travel with motion sick dogs, but one in three would travel with their pet more often if it did not suffer from motion sickness.

Zoetis says 90% of dog owners find travelling with their pet more enjoyable after using Cerenia and 89% would be likely to use the medication again after just one use.

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