Ceva Animal Health has launched a website www.reprodaction.com/uk to provide cattle reproduction support for vets and vet students.

The website has practical, timesaving tools to help with day-to-day reproduction consultations.

For lighter-hearted learning, there is an entertaining game where users can let loose with a progesterone-releasing intravaginal device (PRID) gun on a herd.

The website has a calculator that helps vets advise clients by assessing the profitability of a fertility protocol after one breeding cycle in a specific herd.

Fertility parameters can be introduced as well as the cost of drugs and the calculator will compare profits, whether using only oestrus detection, Ovsynch, pre-synch Ovsynch, a seven-day PRID protocol and a five-day progesterone protocol.

The “about reproduction” section covers the physiology of the cow, the reproductive cycle and causes of infertility. Dynamic animations include hormonal secretion and regulation inside the cow, the process of ovulation in the ovary and animated graphs that show follicular growth in relation to hormone levels.

On the “video pills” section a series of short videos summarise the presentations given by international cattle reproduction experts at Ceva’s reprodAction Cattle Symposium in Madrid. The full proceedings can also be downloaded.

For a more entertaining, yet testing, look at cattle reproduction, the reprodAction farm game offers the challenge of achieving 100% fertility rates for the virtual herd – some members of which are a little temperamental.

The easy reference product section covers the entire range and information can be downloaded.

Ceva’s reprodAction product manager Carol Atkinson said feedback from vets had been good.

“Certain parts of the site need to be signed up to for access, including the productivity calculator,” she said. “Vets have been particularly receptive to this section because it provides a practical and easy-to-follow projection of the various synchronisation protocols, making it much simpler to explain options and economic benefits to clients.”

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