Gwent Police have warned veterinarypractices to be alert to the possibility of their websites being clonedfor the purposes of illegally obtaining veterinary medicines.

According to a report at RCVSonline , a practice in Gwent was the victim of one such fraud when its website wascloned by someone as a means of legitimising an attempt to purchase£150,000 worth of a medicine called Agrobolin.

Gwent Police reported that the cloned site was created in East Timor and the medicine was to be paid for cash-on-delivery in Singapore.

The three contact numbers on the site related to phones in Malaysia and Nigeria.

The police advice for practices includes:

  1. Search for your own website to determine if it has been cloned;
  2. Beaware that, as part of this scam, staff names were quoted incorrespondence when trying to legitimise the claims – you mightconsider removing names from your homepage;
  3. Beware of offers of discounted products from new sources; and,
  4. Contact Trading Standards or the police if you have any suspicions.
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