Despite needing a root canal, Arktos the polar bear had a straightforward dentist visit, thanks to an expert veterinary team and state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Nobody likes seeing the dentist, but for Arktos the polar bear, his recent experience was a smooth one thanks to an expert veterinary team and state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Arktos' upper right canine pre-opKeepers at the Highland Wildlife Park in Inverness noticed the bear was out of sorts, and veterinary checks revealed he could be suffering toothaches.

In stepped vets Norman Johnston and Simon Girling, with a little help from BCF Technologies and its new Vita CR X-ray system, with added vet specific software.

BCF vet Kimberly Palgrave was also on hand to help with the x-rays, which revealed Arktos was in need of a root canal, rather than a simple extraction as originally thought.

However, the procedure was a success and the bear is now recovering well.

Arktos undergoing his dental Douglas Richardson, animal collection manager at the Highland Wildlife Park, said: “As far as we can tell the operation was a success.

“It took three hours in total and Arktos just took 20 minutes to come round. He was then up on his feet, although still a bit wobbly.

“He quickly had a drink and we expect him to start eating again, when we will try him on some of his favourite soft foods as his mouth will still be a bit sore.”

Praising BCF’s staff and equipment, Mr Girling added: “It all went very smoothly thanks to BCF’s professionalism and expertise and hopefully Arktos will be now well on the road to recovery.”

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