A leading rehoming charity has launched a campaign to encourage owners to plan appropriate care for their pets in case of an emergency.

The NAWT has launched a new owner education campaignAccording to the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT), 80% of owners have no contingency planning for their pet should the animal need to be looked after in an emergency.

Following a poll of 2,724 owners last year, the NAWT found of the 20% of owners that do plan, only 6% have those plans written down and have actually told those concerned with looking after their animals.

The NAWT has now launched its Tails of the Unexpected campaign, to help owners plan for unexpected situations.

NAWT chief executive Clare Williams said: “Thinking about care for their pet in times of emergency is something many pet owners only consider in passing. Our new campaign aims to help people take the process one step further.

“People want peace of mind knowing their pet is in safe hands and that its routine is disrupted as little as possible while their owner is unexpectedly absent.”

Along with an online step-by-step guide, the charity has produced a set of pet lifestyle and care forms – for dogs, cats and small furries – for owners to complete and keep safe with other important documents such as vaccination records, medicine regimes and veterinary practice and insurance details.

The NAWT poll found dog owners were the most likely to plan for emergencies (28%), followed by cat (18%) and hamster owners (17%). Rabbit and guinea pig owners were least likely to plan, with only 12% and 9% respectively planning ahead.

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