A “smart” collar that monitors and analyses vital signs in pets has helped vets diagnose a severe respiratory disorder that was causing sleep apnoea in a dog.

The smart collar monitors a pet’s vital signs when worn. Image credit: PetPace.

The collar, from PetPace, was placed around the neck of Boston terrier Jessie to evaluate the severity of her brachycephalic airway syndrome (BAC) – a pre-existing condition – and to assess her quality of sleep.

The dog had already been treated for hyperadrenocorticism (also known as Cushing’s disease), but her owner had become especially concerned about the dog’s excessive snoring and laboured breathing while sleeping.

The collar immediately began to provide data on Jessie’s condition in terms of activity, respiration and sleeping positions.

PetPace’s chief veterinarian Asaf Dagan said: “Overall, the PetPace collar effectively monitored a condition nearly impossible for a clinician to fully assess during a standard veterinary exam. Sleep apnoea predominantly occurs at home and at night over a long period of time.”

Dr Dagan said the collar’s ability to deliver ongoing, quantifiable and objective data has enabled Jessie’s owners to accurately diagnose her condition, assess its severity, decide on a strategy for intervention and monitor her response to treatment.

A PetPace spokesman said the high level of information available to vets and pet owners through the collar continues to “vastly improve” clinical decision-making.

The spokesman added: “Jessie’s case is another excellent example of the PetPace collar’s potential value in monitoring patients for ongoing conditions outside the scope of standard veterinary clinical monitoring, such as BAC-related sleep apnoea.”

For further product information and details of shipping, visit www.petpace.com

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