Petplan has launched its Posh Pets List 2009, which includes the likes of Silverstone the Tortoise, Gigoo the hen and Keikoo the killer whale, to name but a few of the animal A-listers, but so far there is not an equine entrepreneur or beneficiary among them.

To redress the balance and right the wrongs, Petplan Equine is on thehunt for some filthy rich fillies and cashed-up colts, self-made orinherited, and would like their agents to get in touch.

Dining out on rare white truffles, buying Madonna’s mansion and starring in a world famous TV series sounds like the type of thing that only happens to the Hollywood A-list. But for the richest pets on the planet, it’s all in a day’s work.

The recession-proof pets include a property mogul Alsatian who only eats steak and caviar, a chimpanzee with a bank balance to rival Alan Sugar and a once-homeless cat that certainly got the cream.

In a bid to secure a comfortable life for their beloved pet, many of the animals on the list inherited their fortune after their owner passed away. However, a select few are self-made millionaires, including long-time canine actor Moose, who played Eddie in the TV series Fraiser. The talented mutt rakes in £6,000 per episode and doesn’t even have to learn any lines.

Dogs and cats are the most successful pets in the inheritance stakes, but reptiles and more exotic animals also feature on Petplan’s Rich List.

Alison Andrew, Petplan’s marketing manager, said: “We know that pets play a very special role in their owner’s lives and the 2009 Pet Rich List highlights the lengths that some owners go to provide for their furry friends. We even have self-made millionaires among the most wealthy and well-cared-for animals on our list. Regardless of wealth, Petplan is committed to making sure that every owner can keep his or her pet healthy and happy, without breaking the bank.”

To find out more about the affluent pets and read their stories, visit the VIP area on the National Petrait Galley website ( The photo gallery website also includes top tips on how everyone can make their pet feel like a millionaire – without breaking the bank.

Petplan’s Posh Pets List

46-47. Topcat and Matilda the cats£10,000 each
Topcat and Matilda inherited £10,000 each in 2004 after their librarian owner passed away. Although their owner lived frugally, refusing central heating and travelling only by public bus services, she made sure that her cats would have only the best for their futures.

42-45. Porgy, Pride, Joy and Ronald the cats£17,500 each
Beneficiaries of Christina Foyle’s will, Porgy, Pride, Joy and Ronald each received £17,500 of their owner’s fortune.

41. 48 Aberdeen Angus cattle and 100 Cheviot sheep£20,000 each
Upon her deathin 2002, the Queen Mother left a trust fund to 48 Aberdeen Angus cattleand 100 Cheviot sheep that caught her eye totalling £3 million.

40. Cleo the cat£24,000
Cleo the Balinese got her share of £24,000 in Christina Foyle’s will.

38-39. Jasper and Jason the dogs£25,000 each
Brewery heiress Diana Myburgh left her rescue dogs Jasper and Jason £25,000 in 1995. Jason has since passed away, but he left his fortune to his bestfriend, Jasper.

37. Japhia Lilac Moonshadown the cat£30,000
Another recipient of Christina Foyle’s infamous will, Japhia Lilac Moonshadow inherited his £30,000 share of her will in 1999.

36. Big Tibby the tortoise£50,000
Big Tibby is the second richest reptile in the world after inheriting £50,000 from owner Donald Moss.

35. Csoki the parrot£50,000
Rescued from a bazaar in Africa, Csoki went on to inherit £50,000 from hisadoptive owner Victoria Brown. Csoki now lives in Ms Brown’s Greenwichmansion in London.

34. Ruby the elephant£60,000
Patty Shenker spent her life donating money towards the care of animals,but it surprised everyone when she pledged £60,000 for Ruby’s retirementfund in Los Angeles.

33. Fluffy the cat£90,000
Fluffy inherited his fortune in 1996 from Mary Burton, who specifiedthat his carers should make sure that: “Fluffy should have a home in thesun and a diet of fresh pilchards, steamed cod, tail ends, no bones,best lean roast beef and vegetables.”

32. Silverstone the tortoise£100,000
Silverstone tops our list for the richest reptile in the world, after flush Christina Foyle left her shelled friend £100,000 in 1999.

31. Rodeo the dog£100,000
Heiress and philanthropist Doris Duke left her Shar pei Rodeo £100,000 in 1993.

30. Nell the dog£100,000
Nell the fox terrier became his own hound when owner, the Mayor WinFrankland died in 2008. Nell is now cared for by former attendant JayneCarmody, who will look after the pooch for the rest of his lucky life.

29. Tinker the cat£136,000
Tinker the cat certainly needed his nine lives; after surviving as a strayfor his youth he found his way into the home and heart of WidowMargaret Layne, who subsequently left him a trust fund that would sethim up for life.

24-28. Hamish, Boon, Eileen, Coco and Tuffnel, cats£217,328 each
Actress Beryl Reid obviously loved her cats, so much in fact that theeccentric star of TV shows such as Bergerac and Dr Who left her furryfriends her home – which is worth £1million.

22-23. Tina and Kate the dogs£225,000 each
When Nora Hardwell died, she made sure that pampered collie crosses Tineand Kate were provided for with a mouth watering £225,000 each, as well asher home to live in for the rest of their days.

21. Zeus the cat£400,000
Beautiful Bengal cat Zeus is one of the world’s rarest breeds, being90 per cent Asian leopard and 10 per cent domestic cat, but this doesn’t mean he hasthe appetite of a wild cat. Zeus, resident of the UK, enjoys regulartinned cat food rather than hunting for himself.

17-20. Snoopy, Linus, Dennis and LuLu, dogs£500,000 each
Glamorous Australian socialite Rose Porteous left her four pooches their share of £2 million when she died.

16. Red the cat£664,000
Canadian millionaire David Harper left his cat Red CAN$1.1 million when hedied. Red is now cared for by the United Church of Canada.

15. Moose the dog£1.8million
Better known as Eddie to his fans, Moose was the canine star of TVshow Fraiser for its 10 series. As a self-made millionaire, Moosenetted around £6,000 per episode and tops his earnings up withlucrative endorsement deals.

13-14. Hellcat and Brownie the cats£2 million each
William Grier originally left his favourite felines £415,000 each inhis will; their descendents of the same name still hold the majority ofthe estate in San Diego.

10-12. Frankie the dog, Ani the cat and Pepe le Pew the cat£3 million each
An unnamed benefactor left her dog and two cats in the care of luckyneighbour Lenise Patrick with £9 million. They live happily together ina £10 million home in San Diego and receive an annual trust fund of£100,000. Lenise lives next door to make sure that they have everythingthey need.

9. Flossie the dog£3.6 million
Actress Drew Barrymore was so grateful to her beloved Labrador retriever for saving her life when her house was on fire, she haspledged her house to Flossie in her will.

8. Trouble the dog£7.2 million
Trouble the Maltese Terrier lived up to his name when in 2007 heinherited £7million from his socialite owner, Leona Hemsley. Outragethat the inheritance had not gone to Hemsley’s relatives led to a judgecutting Trouble’s inheritance down by £5 million. Trouble continues tolive in doggy luxury in New York.

7. Blackie the cat – £9 million
Blackie’s share of Ben Rea’s inheritance set this feline first in thearistocat line, with £9 million in the bank. Rea was a well-known recluseand left his entire fortune to Blackie and various cat charities.

6. Gigoo the hen£10 million
Publishing mogul Miles Blackwell left his feathered friend £10 millionin 2000 following the death of his wife Briony the year before.

5. Keiko the killer whale£22.6 million
Keiko’s starring role in the Free Willy blockbuster trilogy left thelucky orca £22 million better off. Keiko, meaning “lucky one” in Japanese,was plucked from obscurity from a theme park in 1992 before becominginternationally famous.

4. Oprah Winfrey’s dogs£30 million
Oprah Winfrey is famous for her love of pets and her dogs are set to inherit £30 million from their famous owner.

3. Toby Rimes the dog£30 million
Ella Wendel originally left her pet poodle Toby £15 million in 1931.Since then, there have been a succession of pampered pooches, with thecurrent heir being Toby Rimes.

2. Kalu the chimpanzee£53 million
Kalu inherited Patricia O’Neill’s fortune after she separated from herhusband, famous swimmer Frank O’Neill. Kalu now resides in his CapeTown estate in Africa.

1. Gunther IV the dog£224.6 million
Record breaking Gunther IV tops Petplan’s list with an estimatedfortune of more than £224 million. Affluent Alsatian Gunther IV’s bankbalance was left to him by his father Gunther III in 2000, a lucky dog that had inherited his fortune from his infamous owner, CountessKarlotta Libenstein. Property tycoon Gunther IV is the proud owner ofseveral residences, not least Madonna’s mansion in Miami and a villa inthe Bahamas – he also has his own butler. Gunther IV dines daily on caviarand steak and was also the winning bidder for a rare white truffle in2001, snapping it up for a mere £1,050.

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