A new smart collar that allows owners and vets to continuously monitor pets’ health is now available in the UK.

The PetPace monitoring collar is now available to UK pet owners.

The PetPace monitoring collar is the first of its kind, allowing pet owners and vets to accurately track the health of cats and dogs of 3.6kg (8lb) or more.

The wireless patented smart collar uses miniature, non-invasive sensors to read an animal’s temperature, pulse, respiration, activity patterns, positions and heart rate variability.

If the collar detects any abnormalities, a text alert is sent in real-time to owners and vets, allowing for prompt attention and treatment of the issue.

This data can then be used by vets to spot the early signs of illness, disease and behavioural issues.

PetPace chief vet Asaf Dagan said: “PetPace closes the communication gap between pets, owners and vets, enabling pets, for the first time, to ‘tell’ us how they feel. This lets owners rest assured their pets’ ailments would not go unnoticed.”

PetPace chief executive Abraham Menkes said that after such a positive response in the US following the product’s launch there last year, the company was excited to expand its distribution to the UK.

“We look forward to providing UK pet owners with the same pet health benefits and peace of mind that their US counterparts already enjoy,” he said.

The collar costs $150 (£100) with a $15 (£10) per month service fee. For more information, visit www.petpace.com

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