Following the renewal of the Marketing Authorisation for Propalin 100ml the packaging has now changed.

The guidelines state that the concentration of a medicine should be expressed in terms of the ‘active’ ingredient.

“The level of phenylpropanolamine in Propalin has not changed,” explains Simon Boulton, Propalin’s product manager, “but we now express the composition in terms of phenylpropanolamine rather than phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride.”

So far the 100ml packaging has now changed and the 30ml is expected to follow soon.

The new packaging states a 40mg/ml solution of phenylpropanolamine (as hydrochloride). This is equivalent to 50mg/ml of phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride as previously used (i.e. we no longer take account of the hydrochloride content in stating the concentration).

In summary there is no change to the Propalin solution, only the expression of the active ingredient on the packaging and the dose remains at 0.1ml/5kg 3 times daily in the feed.

Propalin is indicated in the treatment of urinary incontinence associated with urethral sphincter incompetence in the bitch.

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