A pig found roaming the countryside has given birth to a litter of piglets after being found a new home.

Sow did that happen? Charlotte with her piglets.

The seven piglets, which were born on July 7, came as a total surprise to the new owners of the rescued small crossbreed pig, named Charlotte. However, the piglets are doing well and are all strong and healthy.

Mysterious, dark beast
Charlotte was collected by RSPCA officers in May after several callers had reported sighting a “mysterious, dark beast’ roaming the local countryside in Eston Hills, Middlesbrough.
When a call came in from a member of the public to say a pig was in his garden, Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) John Lawson attended the property and collected the animal.

Football fan

DCI Lawson said: “Charlotte proved difficult to catch, maybe because she felt particularly vulnerable due to her pregnant state, although we did not realise this at the time.
“The new owners said Charlotte settled in straight away; they even discovered she liked to play with a football. But they became concerned when they noticed her teats had become enlarged.
“We are delighted to hear she is not only well, but has had a healthy litter of piglets too. We will be keeping in touch with the owners and look forward to hearing about her progress.”

Highly intelligent

The RSPCA added that pigs are highly intelligent, social animals. Owning and caring for a pig requires a great deal of commitment, time, knowledge, experience, skill, money, sufficient land on which to house the animal, specialist veterinary care when necessary and compliance with the legislation governing keeping a pig.

For more information about looking after pigs visit the farm animal advice section of the RSPCA website.

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