A tumour the size of a football and weighing over 3kg has been removed from a 15 year-old Staffordshire bull terrier after her owner made a vet appointment thinking her pet had put on weight and needed to go on a diet.

The sheer size of Netta’s tumour on X-ray greatly surprised vet Laura Cartlidge

PDSA vet Laura Cartlidge, who operated on the dog called Brunetta – Netta for short, said: “When we examined her we could feel an unusual mass, so we did some more tests, including an ultrasound, and discovered a large splenic tumour. Emergency surgery was the only option, though at 15 years old, it was high risk.”

The complex surgery took place the same day at Stoke PDSA Pet Hospital.

“When I started to remove the tumour everyone was shocked at just how large it was. It was the size of a small football – 30cm in diameter and weighing more than 3kg. It was one of the biggest tumours I’ve ever seen” continued Laura. “Netta is only a small dog, so it was eye watering to see how huge it was.”

Owner Angela Ravenscroft, had noticed Netta was looking larger around the middle. She’d been sick overnight and seemed distressed.

Angela, who has owned the dog since it was eight weeks old said: “I took her along to PDSA thinking we’d get some advice on how to put her on a diet. I was really shocked when they said it was a tumour on her spleen. Suddenly I thought I might lose her, it was awful.”

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