The Scottish SPCA have successfully released two otter pups on the Isle of Mull.

Gribun and Rush
Gribun and Rush before they were released.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity rescued Rush and Gribun last year and reintroduced them into the wild last week.

Found alone

Wildlife centre manager Colin Seddon said: “Rush had been found alone on Uist last February and Gribun was found by a member of the public on their doorstep crying for help.

“Luckily, both otters were around eight weeks old so we were able to introduce them to each other and allow them to develop together.

“It’s important to rear otter cubs in groups as they depend on play and interaction with their own kind to learn life skills.”

The charity does not release otter pups until they are at least 12 months old, as that is around the time they become independent of their mother.

Feeding and interacting

Mr Seddon added: “As both otters were from the west coast, it was important to release them back in that area and we were fortunate to be able to release them on Mull where they could be provided with support feeding to help them adjust to their life in the wild.

“The Mull Otter Group has been a tremendous help, monitoring both Rush and Gribun since the release.”

The wildlife centre at Fishcross treats otters from all over Scotland and has specially designed facilities to care for them. The charity usually treats around 20 to 25 otters annually.

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2 months 3 days ago

unfortunately not all countries think the same. read this:


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