A new tool to support vets and pet owners in proactively managing canine arthritis was launched at the 18th European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology Congress in London.

John and Stuart
John Innes and Stuart Carmichael introduce AIM OA.

Designed to provide practices and pet owners with one common system for osteoarthritis management, the system uses a multi-modal approach focusing on six key areas of the management of arthritis:

  • A – Analgesia
  • B – Body Condition Score and diet
  • C – Care with environmental and drug toxicity issues
  • D – Disease modifications
  • E – Exercise
  • F – Follow up

Working together

AIM OA is delivered via a cloud-based app, enabling pet owners and vets to work together to build a bespoke plan for each individual patient. The tool has been developed by Stuart Carmichael, an RCVS specialist in orthopaedics and a recognised authority on osteoarthritis, and David Prydie, one of the world’s leading canine rehabilitation practitioners.

The web-based system consists of a series of questions for the pet owner, which can be completed in the waiting room on an iPad or web-enabled device. Next, there are questions for the vet, based on their clinical examination of the patient.

Once both sets of questions are complete, an algorithm generates suggestions for each of the six areas for management, creating a traffic light system plan highlighting areas for focus that can be printed off and given to the owner.

Evidence based

Prof Carmichael said: “The system is evidence based, monitoring and evaluating the patient with the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of that patient over time.

“Having one integrated system is hugely beneficial in terms of the resources of both the practice and the client and ultimately delivers effective management for this chronic condition while bonding clients to their veterinary practice. I’m delighted with the way the product has been received by the veterinary profession both here in the UK and abroad.”

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