BEVA officials have expressed their disappointment after learning a major pharmaceutical company will cease manufacture of a “vital first line antibiotic used in equine practice”.

Norbrook said production of the product would cease “immediately”.

Production of Norodine Granules manufactured by Norbrook will cease immediately.

A spokesman for Norbrook confirmed the news: “We have embarked on a significant multi-year capital investment programme.

“We’ve a clear strategy for the business, which includes reducing complexity in our business through portfolio rationalisation and this will drive continuous improvements in our services to our customers.”

Insufficient demand

The spokesman continued: “In the case of Norodine Granules, market demand was not sufficient to justify maintaining the product on the market and manufacturing will cease immediately.

“The product will be available until remaining stocks in the veterinary wholesalers are used up. We are confident that, in many cases, alternative products exist on the market depending on the individual veterinarian’s requirements.”

A spokesman for BEVA responded: “BEVA is disappointed Norbrook is discontinuing its production of this vital first line antibiotic used in equine practice.

“However, our initial discussions with Vetoquinol suggest it will continue to produce Trimediazine, its equivalent product, as a long-term commitment to its clients and equine health.”

Norodine contains two ingredients that act synergistically to block important metabolic pathways in bacteria. This results in efficacy against a wide range of different bacteria, so it can be used for many types of infection.

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