Large animal vets now have more opportunities to control pain in their patients as a product from Norbrook has been licensed for the relief of postoperative pain following dehorning in calves.

According to the company, the use of its NSAID Loxicom 20mg/ml solution for injection for cattle pigs and horses alongside local anaesthetic has “clear benefits for animal welfare”. Use at this time is also shown to offer economic benefits to the farmer, said Norbrook, with increased food conversion efficiency compared to untreated calves.

Norbrook’s veterinary advisor Rebekah Dudek said: “Dehorning in calves has long been known as a painful procedure, with a negative impact on feed intake in the postoperative period.

“Loxicom 20mg/ml can now be used for relief of this potentially economically important postoperative pain in calves.”

For more information, visit Norbrook’s website.

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