Pharmaceutical company Norbrook Laboratories has expanded its portfolio of mastitis management products with the addition of Cefimam LC intramammary ointment.

The cefquinome-based treatment joins the company’s range of mastitis preparations, with further products in the pipeline.

With the launch Cefimam LC, Norbrook’s large animal vet adviser Stephanie Small said the company remains committed to responsible prescribing.

“With such a broad range of treatments to choose from, vets are able to choose the product which best fits the situation,” she said.

“Cefimam LC brings a powerful antimicrobial to the mix, with high penetration for more difficult mastitis cases.

“Only three applications are required, which means fast resolution and rapid return of affected animals to production.”

She continued: “This company firmly supports the large animal sector – as well as our commitment to making effective treatments affordable, we are investing in the future of the industry.

“We have worked closely with leading dairy vets to produce best practice materials for farming clients and there are more educational tools in development.”

Vets can obtain copies of the Best Practice Guide for On-Farm Mastitis Control from their territory manager. Cefimam LC is now available at all veterinary wholesalers in packs of 24 x 8g intramammary tubes.

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