The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has released its animal health manifesto to highlight why the UK animal medicines industry is important to society.

NOAH’s animal health manifesto explains why the UK medicines industry is important to society.

Parliamentary candidates across the country will be asked for their support in three areas, if elected:

  • Contact MEP colleagues and write to the new Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to voice support for new EU regulations and changes that will increase availability of medicines for animal health and welfare.
  • Ensure future decisions made by all governments are based on robust scientific evidence and not myths about the use of animal medicines in the food chain.
  • Support efforts to change the law so that 140,000 older people every year are not forced to give up their pet when they enter supported accommodation.

NOAH chief executive Dawn Howard said the organisation aimed to improve the lives of animals through encouraging responsible farming and pet ownership and promoting the safe and responsible use of medicines.

“The new regulations making their way through the European decision-making process aim to improve the availability of animal medicines,” she said. “We support this aim and and look forward to working with our newly appointed MPs to help make this a reality.”

She said there were many myths about medicines used in animals destined for the food chain.

“It’s important politicians are aware of the facts, so that, if questioned, they can help set the record straight. But more importantly, we are happy to help them understand sometimes complex issues so that they can hold future governments to account and ensure decisions are based on evidence, not myths.”

NOAH said it was a travesty that 140,000 older people every year had to say goodbye to their pets when they went into supported accommodation.

“Many of those pets are put down,” said Mrs Howard. “There is so much evidence to suggest that having a pet is of real benefit to the health and wellbeing of older people that this really doesn’t make any sense.

“We want parity with other countries, where people’s pets are protected by law and they can take them with them.

“All our animals – whether pets or farm animals – have a right to the most appropriate treatment if they become sick, to reduce their suffering, to protect their health and welfare and to ensure they can continue to provide companionship or produce safe, nutritious food.

“This manifesto aims to raise awareness of the issues and encourage support among our future Members of Parliament.”

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