Virbac has launched what it describes as a “palatable” milbemycin/praziquantel-based wormer for dogs and cats in packaging designed to boost compliance.

Milpro, says the company, is a broad-spectrum wormer offered in tablet sizes suitable for dogs, small dogs or puppies, cats and small cats or kittens, for ease of dosing. It is presented in 4, 24 and 48 packs, enabling “flexible dispensing options“.

Also, in an attempt aid to owner education and compliance, packs of Milpro feature a technology known as Blippar Augmented Reality, which, says Virbac, “brings the packaging to life”. With the help of any smart device, said Virbac, owners can access post-dispensing educational videos, a built-in reminder system and other product information.

To activate the technology, owners download the free Blippar app – available on all platforms – and scan the front of the pack or dispensing envelope. The pack then becomes animated and the options for interactivity appear.

Marketing manager for companion animals at Virbac Simon Boulton said: “The practice team has a crucial role to play in reminding owners regular worming is essential for their pet’s health. With the introduction of Milpro, we are extending our parasiticide range and offering practices an alternative solution.

“With compliance such an issue, we want to use 21st century communication to help practices get the message across. The result is the introduction of an interactive element to our packs with the use of the Blippar platform. It enables us to create ‘augmented reality’ experiences through which we can provide comprehensive information to owners in an eye-catching and easily accessible way, with the aim of boosting compliance and, ultimately, welfare.

“We believe the combination of the small tablet sizes and the innovative packaging will prove attractive and convenient to owners, making Milpro a successful product for practices.”

Practices can also request an interactive waiting room poster, which enables owners to watch a video on the poster on the importance of worming.

For more information, visit Virbac’s website.

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