The BPEX Practical Pig App has doubled in size with a new range of video clips added for the wean-to-finish herd.

The organisation has added more than 40 new videos demonstrating a number of practical tasks, including:

  • preparing weaner accommodation
  • feed and water checks
  • ventilation
  • pig handling
  • selecting pigs for sale

These are in addition to the 50 clips on breeding herd management, which were produced for the app’s launch in 2013.

The app has been downloaded more than 1,200 times by smartphone or tablet computer users and a further 2,600 people have viewed the video clips on the internet.
BPEX knowledge transfer manager Angela Cliff said: “It’s exciting to see how many producers and stockmen are trying our app and how useful they’re finding it as a training tool. You can use it in situ out on the unit so supervisors can watch the video clips with staff and discuss key points in the context of their particular unit – as seen on the BBC Look East news programme recently.”
The app is a dynamic video library that can be built to suit the industry’s needs – so, if there are pig management techniques you would like to see added, email the BPEX knowledge transfer team at
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