Bayer Animal Health has announced its spot-on wormer for cats Profender will now be available in a 20-pack size.

The size joins the remaining two-pack and 40-pack sizes.

The new pack format, said the company, will add to the current offering of Profender, which continues to be available in two and 40-pack formats.

Group product manager at Bayer Kathrin Tetzner said: “As part of Bayer’s ongoing support for vets, the new pack size will provide easier in-consult dispensing, saving vet time and precious pharmacy space.

“We hope this will aid vets in prescribing Profender and therefore provide owners with simple and certain protection for their cats against worms.”

According to Bayer, Profender is active against all intestinal roundworms and tapeworms commonly found in UK cats, including all internal stages of zoonotic Toxocara cati and is proven to “significantly reduce” shedding of T cati eggs.

In a continued effort to help cat owners quickly and easily learn about worms and deworming, Bayer has also created an educational animation that can be viewed on YouTube.

The new pack is now available from wholesalers or via a Bayer territory manager. For more information, either contact a territory manager or visit Bayer’s website.

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