A labour saving range of slow release tablets to supplement animals’drinking water with trace elements has been launched in the UK byAgriHealth Ltd.

Developed by Mayo Healthcare with the Grange Beef Research Centre, Co Meath these trace element tablets are already popular with farmers and vets in France, Belgium, Italy and the Irish Republic.

Tablets come with a free net dispenser for use in a once a week application to the animals’ drinking water. Simply place this dispenser in a drinking trough each week, usually with one tablet per animal.

The Mayo Healthcare range includes Aquadyne Slow Release Iodine Tablets, Aquasel Slow Release Selenium Tablets and Aquacopp Slow Release Chelated Copper Tablets.

Cattle grazing iodine deficient pastures require 60mg of iodine supplementation to their daily diet. Aquadyne tablets release this amount per day into the animal’s drinking water whereas iodine boluses, on average, provide just 18mg a day.

As iodine is not stored in the body supplementation is often vital pre calving and during the breeding season as low levels can lead to abortion, stillbirths, calving problems and infertility.
Selenium may be lacking in some homegrown feeds leading to muscular dystrophy as well as retained cleanings and infertility. Aquasel Selenium tablets release four to 5mg per day over seven days into the drinking water.

Copper deficiency causes significant economic losses due to lack of thrive, infertility and calving problems. Aquacopp slow release chelated copper tablets are the safe, efficient and convenient way to prevent copper deficiency.

These three products are recommended for use four to six weeks prior to calving and throughout the breeding season.

For further information contact UK distributors AgriHealth Ltd, tel 028 3831 4570, e mail info@agrihealth.co.uk or manufacturers Mayo Healthcare tel; 00 353 98 25622, e mail info@mayohealthcare.ie website www.mayohealthcare.ie

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