Fort Dodge Animal Health has launched PropoClear, a short-acting, intravenous general anaesthetic for dogs and cats.

The company believes that PropoClear, which is based on novel lipid-free micro-emulsion technology, will deliver significant clinical benefits over conventional lipid-based Propofol emulsions. It claims it will also deliver increased cost effectiveness and convenience to practices.

PropoClear is indicated for use as a short-acting general anaesthetic for procedures lasting up to five minutes. It is also indicated for the induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia using incremental doses and for the induction of anaesthesia where maintenance is provided by inhalation. Its unique lipid-free, nano-emulsion formulation, and its inclusion of antimicrobial preservatives, provide the following key benefits to practices:

• Extended microbial stability

• Broached vial shelf life of 28 days

• Presentation in multi-dose vials (50 and 100 ml)

Commenting on the launch of PropoClear, Jo Murrell, department of clinical veterinary science, division of companion animals, at the University of Bristol, said: “With currently available lipid-based Propofol formulations, unused drug should be discarded immediately once the vial has been opened, leading to drug wastage or the potential for bacterial contamination of the remaining solution if this regulation is ignored.

“The new lipid-free Propofol formulation, which also contains antimicrobial preservatives, overcomes this limitation and will provide significant clinical benefits in terms of the 28-day shelf life once broached.”

Matthew Rowe, Marketing Manager for Companion Animals at Fort Dodge, said: “In developing PropoClear, it was our goal to deliver an anaesthetic product with the same proven efficacy as the existing solution but which offered significant benefits in terms of enhanced safety, cost and convenience.”

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