Vets have a new resource in the management of canine epilepsy cases.

Dechra Veterinary Products has released Soliphen as a first line treatment for the condition.

‘Tolerated and effective’

Soliphen packThe company stated: “Soliphen contains phenobarbital – an anti-epileptic that is well tolerated and effective as a monotherapy in 60% to 80% of dogs with idiopathic epilepsy.

“In up to 40% of dogs, epilepsy cannot be controlled with phenobarbital alone. For the more challenging refractory cases, Dechra’s potassium bromide-containing treatment Libromide is licensed to be used alongside Soliphen as a concurrent therapy.

“In tests, the combination treatment reduced the mean seizure rate from 27.4 seizures per month to 2.2 seizures.”

Common neurological disorder

Dechra veterinary products brand manager Craig Sankey said: “Epilepsy is the most common chronic canine neurological disorder, affecting around 0.62% of dogs.

“It can be a distressing condition for both the animal and its owner, so we are launching a therapy that can reduce the number of seizures in even the most challenging cases.”

Dechra has also produced new guidelines for prescribing vets, detailing step by step how the treatments can act alone or concurrently.

Mr Sankey explained: “We believe using Soliphen as a sole therapy or in conjunction with Libromide will make a positive contribution to veterinary professionals in their ongoing treatment and management of dogs with epilepsy.”

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