Alstoe Animal Health announces new solution to a problem vets encounter when using a conventionallaryngoscope on small animals.

Devised by Paul Flecknell from Newcastle University, in collaboration with Alstoe Animal Health, the Flecknell is a new small animal laryngoscope that uses a specially designed streamline, slimmed down blade to maximise the view of the larynx.

The Flecknell in action This new design also greatly reduces the risk of damage to an animal’s gums or pharynx as the blade is inserted. It can be used to intubate a range of small animals, cats, dogs, as well as the original target rabbits.

Prof Flecknell said: “Many practitioners have complained that existing blades were not suitable for small animal work and they were not happy with using a blind technique, as they really wanted to see the larynx and intubate under direct vision.

“So, over several years of development, we worked through prototypes and changed both the shape of the blade and the type and position of the light source. As well as trying the prototypes ourselves, Alstoe carried out trial work with vets in practice, resulting in this final design, which we think is much easier to use than other blades currently on the market.

“We hope this will encourage vets to intubate more rabbits, since this will enable them to be anaesthetised more safely. One of the commonest problems seen is depressed respiration progressing to apnoea, and trying to assist ventilation using a face mask often results only in inflation of the stomach, making matters worse. Once an endotracheal tube is in place, ventilation can be assisted easily if needed.”

Practice is required to master the use of the blade, which is why Alstoe has produced a DVD and leaflet demonstrating its use.

For further information, contact Niall McFerran at Alstoe Animal Health on 01347 878606, or email

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