The Kennel Club will launch it’s new book of Illustrated Breed Standards in March – the first new edition of the publication since 2003.

The Kennel Club will be launching its new book of Illustrated Breed Standards this March, the first new edition of the publication since 2003.

Dog enthusiasts will notice more than a few differences as the book delivers an up-to-date, all encompassing look at the UK’s recognised breeds of pedigree dog in 2011.
The Kennel Club's new book of Illustrated Breed Standards.A must-have “bible” for dog show judges, the book also provides an interesting look at the 210 recognised pedigree breeds in the UK for the rest of the dog-loving population.
The Kennel Club’s breed standards form the basis for judging dogs at all licensed breed shows and the fully revised edition outlines the descriptive “standards” for each.

The latest edition of the book outlines the characteristics of dogs that promote a healthy lifestyle and clearly communicates how each breed should be fit for their original function.
A total of 205 breeds are fully represented by the Illustrated Breed Standards, an increase of 13 since the last edition, while a further five are presented with a picture only.
Each individual breed entry contains a history of the breed, including its origins and function, as well as a full description outlining its essential features.

The Kennel Club‘s Illustrated Breed Standards also contains useful advice on the nature of the breed and practical information to help guide potential buyers in their choice of breed, such as daily exercise requirements, temperament and grooming needs, as well as a glossary of canine terms, essential reading for anyone who owns, or hopes to own, a purebred dog.

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