RCVS Council has approved a revised annex to the entitled “Communication and consent”.

Thisannex, together with revised specimen forms of consent for “Anaesthesia, clinical and surgical procedures” and “Request foreuthanasia” will replace the existing annex on RCVSonline.

Created to address concerns about poor communication, expressed by Lay Observers in 2007, the annex expands on the guidance contained at Part 1D of the Guide that “good communication skills in professional and support staff are essential to good veterinary practice” and covers:

  • the contractual relationship in the provision of veterinary services
  • the provision of copies to be provided to those signing the consent forms
  • the importance of knowing who the client is
  • ensuring as far as possible the client understands what has been said
  • the issues surrounding capacity to consent
  • theimportance of effectively communicating to clients throughout a case oncontinuing treatment options, as well as any escalation of fees

The specimen forms included in the Annex are available to download from the online Guide . Explanatory notes accompany the forms.

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