In response to feedback from horse owners, T.E.N. Challenged Lungs is now available in a pelleted form and with an even higher specification of active ingredients.

Being stabled for long periods, especially over the winter, can compromise your horse’s respiratory system due to the increased exposure to dust, mould, allergens and irritants. 

T.E.N. Challenged Lungs has been scientifically proven to support lung health by including powerful antioxidants in the form of vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium and naturally occurring antioxidants from spinach, broccoli and rosemary.

The product is now available in pellet form rather than a powder to make it more palatable for horses suffering with respiratory challenges. The new formula also has improved active ingredients including higher levels of selenium and key antioxidants.

T.E.N. nutritionist Sally Scott said: “The end product is a scientifically proven respiratory supplement that should produce even better results.”
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