A new, three-part foot health system to help protect sheep against lameness has been launched by G Shepherd Animal Health (GSAH).

Key to the system’s success is the fact ewes or lambs frequently stand on the soaked “Baa Mat”.

Company director and vet Graham Shepherd claims lameness is a major problem facing sheep farmers, causing severe losses and having a significant impact on the farm business.

To tackle this, GSAH has launched a new three-part system, which includes:
  • the “Baa Mat”
  • a footbath chemical
  • a specially-formulated mineral block
The Baa Mat (pictured) is a PVC-based mat with an inside mesh covering over an inner layer of thick sponge, which is soaked in the footbath chemical. Designed to fit inside a creep feeder, the mat can also be secured to a fence, with the mineral block placed on top.

“The sheep are tempted to stand on the mat, so their feet are bathed in the chemical several times a day,” explained Mr Shepherd. “We recommend a rate of one Baa Mat per 100 ewes or store lambs. The solution should be topped up weekly and the mats washed monthly.”

The fact ewes or lambs frequently stand on the soaked mat is the key to the system’s success. GSAH’s footbath solution is based on organic acids and has added tea tree oil and zinc, while the mineral lick bucket used to encourage animals onto the mat contains chelated zinc and biotin to strengthen the bond between the hoof wall and the underlying tissues. 

Mr Shepherd explained: “Concentrate feeds reduce the production of biotin by the rumen, so daily supplementation will help to maximise performance. The blocks are low in magnesium and have added salt, to encourage drinking and reduce the risk of urinary stones.”

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