Three new faces have been elected to the council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons and vet nurses in the UK.

The six successful candidates joining RCVS council are, from top left clockwise, Niall Connell, Joanna Dyer, Tim Greet, Katherine Richards, Peter Robinson and Lynne Hill.

Two current members were also re-elected and one of the six successful candidates is returning to council after a year away.

The three newcomers are Tim Greet, who secured 2,550 votes, Joanna Dyer (2,383 votes) and Katherine Richards (1,905 votes). Current members Niall Connell and Lynne Hill won 2,575 votes and 1,889 votes respectively and Peter Robinson, who served on council in 2013/14, garnered 2,308 votes.

There was a recount for the sixth successful position, with just seven votes covering Mrs Hill, who was sixth, Richard Hillman in seventh, and James Main, eighth.

In the ballot for the two available places on the RCVS VN council new member Lucy Bellwood (914 votes) and existing member and vice-chairman, Elizabeth Cox (630 votes) were both elected.

Turnouts in both elections rose this year, with 4,838 vets (18.1%) and 1,379 RVNs (11%) voting, which compares to 4,137 (16.1%) and 1,157 (10%) in 2014. These represent the highest numbers of vets and RVNs to vote in RCVS elections, although there are increasing numbers of vets and veterinary nurses on the registers. Average turnouts over the past ten years are 17.4% (4,051 vet voters) and 9% (833 VN voters).

RCVS registrar Gordon Hockey thanked all those who stood for election this year and everyone who voted and congratulated the successful candidates.

“Once again we have an excellent mix of people joining council, who will be able to bring a diverse range of skills and experience to council discussions and activities,” he said. “I very much look forward to welcoming them at our annual meeting in July.”

Veterinary surgeons and RVNs could cast their votes by post or online, with the former remaining the more popular method – 3,318 votes by post and 1,520 online. A higher proportion of veterinary surgeons (30%) voted online than did veterinary nurses (23%).

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