Dechra Veterinary Products, manufacturer and distributor ofEquipalazone, is launching a new website with up-to-date advice andguidance on the subject of equine pain management for horse owners.

The site contains up-to-date advice and guidance on equine pain managementThe website – – offers owners a place to go for information about pain in their horse including causes, diagnosis and the tools and techniques that their vet may use to treat pain.

Owners will also be able to download anatomy charts and information leaflets on topics such as pain management, lameness, anaesthesia, sedation, euthanasia, the importance of microchipping and wound management.

Larry King, equine product manager at Dechra said: “This website is great for horse owners as they now have one place to go for information about equine pain matters. It will help them gain a better understanding of managing pain in their horses and the critical role that their vet plays in this area. Veterinary practices can also refer owners to it to support their consultation. This is the first website to put all this information together, so we are sure it will be popular.”

Cards with the new website address are available for practices to hand out to clients.

Mr King said: “The website allows clients to browse the site in the comfort of their own home and is also ideal for practices with limited storage space for client information materials.”

Dechra also encourages practices that have their own websites to link directly to Practices can order hand-out cards by contacting Dechra on
01743 441632 or email

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