A groundbreaking documentary for BBC Two follows the ups and downs of Royal Veterinary College (RVC) vet students.

A new BBC Two documentary series by ITN Productions will follow 10 students at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) through their final year.

The students will take what they’ve learnt in the classroom and put it to the test for the first time in practices, farms and state-of-the-art animal hospitals.

It’s a whirlwind of back-to-back work placements covering every element of veterinary medicine – from farms, horses, small animals and even exotic animals from the local zoo.

The students can’t afford to fail a single one if they want to graduate. It’s the most challenging stretch of a very long journey to become fully qualified vets – full of first time experiences, animal stories, hard work and high emotion.

Throughout the series the students’ encounters include learning how to carry out caesareans on sheep, helping a dog with a broken back to walk again, treating a horse with sinusitis and even helping give a Shar Pei a facelift.

David Church, vice-principal (learning and student experience) at the RVC, said: “We are extremely proud of what our final-year students have achieved and were excited by the opportunity to show the world some glimpses of not only what is involved in training to become a practicing veterinarian, but just how talented our students are.”

Mature student Judy Puddifoot said: “When I was at school I told my careers advisor I wanted to be a vet and, unfortunately, he said: ‘You’re not going to be a vet, Judy. You’re not clever enough really’.

“That kind of negative feeling stayed with me for a long time, thinking, ‘I can’t do it – there’s no point, so I won’t even try’.

“Then, eventually, you think, ‘I’m just going to try – I’m just going to shoot for the stars; see what happens; see if I can get there’. And I did – hence why I’m doing it now.”

Fellow “young vet” Charlie Tewson, from Norfolk, said: “It’s the last rotation; it’s the last thing you’re going to do and the next time you set foot in a veterinary practice, you’re going to be qualified – you’re going to be a vet. The onus is going to be on you.”

Young Vets will start on Tuesday, August 19 on BBC Two and will be broadcast at 7pm on weeknights over three consecutive weeks.
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