A rare capuchin monkey born at Chester Zoo has given a boost to a species seriously threatened with extinction in the wild.

The buffy-headed capuchin, which is listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as being critically endangered in the wild, arrived after a 180 day pregnancy for its 15-year-old mum. 

The arrival brings the number of buffy-headed capuchins at the zoo to eight. 

Assistant curator of mammals, Nick Davis, said: 

“The buffy-headed capuchin is one of the world’s rarest species of primates.

“In the past they were abundant in the Atlantic rainforests of eastern Brazil but sadly they’re now on the verge of disappearing from the wild because of severe destruction to their habitat and intense hunting.

“We’re pleased to say though that our new youngster is doing extremely well and is now confidently out and about, being carried by mum.”

Keepers at the zoo won’t know the sex of their new charge for several weeks. 

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