Animalcare has added to its range of veterinary antibiotics with the launch of Clavubactin for dogs and cats*.

The product is the only potentiated amoxicillin in the UK that allows for optimum dosing across all three tablet strengths.

The use of SmartTab technology increases accuracy still further with a four-way tablet split for easy dosing, whatever the weight of the animal.

Clavubactin is available in three optimum strengths, containing in combination 62.5mg, 312.5mg and 625mg (50/12.5mg, 250/62.5mg and 500/125mg of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid respectively).

The increased combined level of active ingredients, compared to some other clavulanate-amoxicillin products on the market, achieves recommended target weight dosing (doses always kept at 12.5mg/kg), even with animals of greater weight, minimising the risk of under-dosing.  

All three tablets in the Clavubactin range are divisible into halves or quarters. This facilitates easy and accurate dosing of all sizes of dogs and cats, from as low as 1kg bodyweight (quater tablet Clavubactin 50) to 50kg (one tablet Clavubactin 500) and above.

Economical and accurate dosing leads to increased client compliance, while the non-meat based flavoured tablets are appropriate for animals with food sensitivities.

The tablets come in aluminium blister strips of 10 tablets in five packaging presentations (Clavubactin 50 and 250 are available in 100 and 250 tablet packs and Clavubactin 500 in 100 tablets).  

For further information telephone Animalcare on 01904 487687, or contact your regional Animalcare representative (

*Clavubactin 50mg is licensed for cats and dogs. The 250mg and 500mg formulation is licensed for dogs only.

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