Woodley Equipment has announced the availability of the Skyla VB1, the only rotor-based veterinary chemistry analyser with single parameter testing.

This fast, accurate veterinary chemistry analyser is said to be ideal for any vet practice or small laboratory. The VB1 is a fully automatic system with a small footprint ideal for in-practice clinical chemistry analysis.
The analyser requires virtually no maintenance and provides accurate results with the precision of a larger laboratory system, Woodley claims.
Skyla VB1 also becomes the only veterinary rotor-based point of care chemistry system which performs single parameter testing due to the introduction of a unique Single Assay test function. This allows vets the flexibility to perform from 1-6 tests simultaneously using any of the single and dual parameter cartridges now available:
Single Parameter Test Menu

Crea, BUN, Cl-, CHOL, CPK, AMY
Dual Parameter Test Menu

Na+ & K+, ALT & AST, PHOS & Ca++
Additionally, Skyla VB1 has 5 rotor panels available following the launch of the new Diagnosis Plus Panel which tests 13 parameters including Sodium (Na+) and Potassium (K+).
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