A new indication for chronic renal insufficiency in cats hasbeen approved in the licence for Benazecare 5mg.

The POM-V product – an ACE inhibitor containing benazeprilhydrochloride – was originally launched in the UK in 2007 for the treatment of congestive heart failure in dogs.

In cats with renal insufficiency, benazeprilat reduces the protein loss in urine and normalises the elevated glomerular capillary pressure and reduces systemic blood pressure.

Reduction in glomerular hypertension retards the progression of kidney disease by inhibition of further damage to the kidneys. Benazepril has been shown to increase the appetite, quality of life and the survival time of cats particularly in advanced disease.

For further information, contact Iain Menneer at Animalcare Ltd on +44 (0) 1904 487687. Alternatively, e-mail imenneer@animalcare.co.uk or visit www.animalcare.co.uk .

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