A FEW drinks over dinner led to a group of VNs getting naked and being photographed.

Julie Eastham, nursing manager at Cromwell Vet Group in Cambridgeshire, recounts how an idea she mentioned over dinner in a restaurant resulted in her VN team revealing all for charity.

Naked Nurses

“A shocked hush descended over the restaurant table. ‘But I was only joking’, I cried, slightly worried everyone was thinking I’d gone mad. Amazingly, however, the nurses gathered around the table started nodding in agreement. ‘Let’s do it’, one cried, ‘I’ve always fancied doing that’, someone else revealed. So it was decided. The nurses at Cromwell Vet Group were going to produce a naked calendar to celebrate VN Week 2008.”

“Suddenly, normally reserved members of the team were happily suggesting some rather interesting poses for each month. The next morning, I did wonder if, without the courage of a few glasses of wine, everyone would still be as keen but when the first thing I heard as I walked through the door was ‘I’d like to be Miss July’, I realised I had nothing to worry about.”

Julie said that on the day of shooting the calendar the VNs hid upstairs in their dressing gowns at one of the branch surgeries and stripped off as soon as the last client left: “Before long, we were draped over consult tables, strutting our stuff in reception and stripping off in theatre. I think our only male nurse, Chris, probably had the best day of his life.”

Proceeds from the calendar, which will be sold at the BVNA congress in October, will go to the Animals Asia Foundation. Julie added: “Hopefully, as well as raising plenty of money for charity, the calendar will help raise awareness of the diversity of jobs we perform as veterinary nurses.”

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