MSD Animal Health is aiming to place preventive health care at the heart of practices’ daily activities by launching its “Time for Change” preventive health care challenge.

MSD's Time for Change campaign focuses on driving client compliance and footfall by developing partnership between vets and owners.
MSD’s Time for Change campaign focuses on driving client compliance and footfall by developing partnership between vets and owners.

The challenge has been developed following research that found, despite 74% of vet-visiting pet owners believing in the value of preventive health care, more than half of active pet owners did not see the vet as their primary source of information regarding pet health.

Pet owners who fail to return for an annual preventive health consultation often cite their pet being healthy as the main reason.

Series of challenges

Through a series of challenges, the scheme focuses on driving client compliance and footfall by developing the partnership between the vet and pet owner. It takes a more holistic approach to the relationship, focusing on the practice as the primary source of advice and information on all aspects of health care and well-being, whether the pet is healthy or sick.

In registering, veterinary practices will receive a toolkit to support their whole team in positioning the practice as a centre for expertise on preventive health care and well-being.

Step change

Caroline Darouj, Nobivac brand manager at MSD, said: “This challenge is a step-change in terms of our work with vets and support for the practice-pet owner partnership.

“We are encouraging communications that highlight the value of the preventive health care visit, going beyond the obvious benefits of vaccination and parasite control.”

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