A mobile phone with a SIM card that automatically selects the strongest signal in any location has provided a solution for vets on call in rural locations.

Chameleon Direct can be used with virtually any mobile phone.

Chameleon Direct can be used with virtually any mobile phone and offers access to all UK Global Systems for Mobile Communications networks, providing the best possible coverage at all times.

When a vet is called out to a rural location, it is vital he or she is able to make a make a telephone call to colleagues for extra help if required, and Chameleon Direct maximises his or her chances of doing this.

Cambrian Vets, a small animal practice with two surgeries in north Wales, has been using Manx Telecom’s Chameleon Direct Strongest Signal SIMs for the past four years.

Practice manager Marius Erasmus said: “We are a very busy practice and use an appointment system during office hours. We also operate a 24-hour emergency service, which means we rely on mobile phones. We need reliable mobile coverage and that’s not easy in our operational area, as you can usually only get a signal from a single network in any area.

“When you move to another location you can find the only available signal is from a different network. When you consider the distances our vets have to cover, this is far from ideal, and carrying multiple handsets or multiple SIM cards wouldn’t be very efficient, or even viable.”

A Chameleon Direct Strongest Signal SIM is at the heart of the practice’s emergency call out system. Out of hours calls come in on the normal landline, which diverts them to a mobile phone that has a Chameleon Direct SIM card in and is carried by whichever vet is on call.

Chameleon Direct maximises the chances of the caller reaching the vet, and of the vet being able to get back to him or her – telephoning the pet owner to find out more about the problem, or to say he or she is on his or her way.

For more information, visit www.strongestsignalmobile.com

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